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2017 Mini Course/Lecture Series on Disabilities

The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University hosts guest speakers and lecturers several times each year for its Mini Course/Lecture Series on Disabilities. Experts in a wide variety of fields including Disability Studies, Assistive Technology, Leadership Development, and Social Policy present lectures and programs to students, parents, teachers and other professionals in the field of disabilities.

Spring 2017 Events

Monday, April 24, 2017 - Philadelphia

Text: Cones, a Medium Theatre Company SoLow Fest Production. Graphics: cone-shaped objects - seashell, pine cone, cone photoreceptors in human eye, traffic cone

CONES, a solo show about vampires, vision loss, and ice cream

Written and performed by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Co-created and directed by Mason Rosenthal


Location: Temple University
The Underground, Student Center, South
Philadelphia, PA 19122 Maps and directions
Parking: Liacouras Garage is suggested.
Garage location: North 15th Street and West Montgomery Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19121

Show Time: 10 AM - 12 PM, sign-in begins 9 AM
Question and Answer with Morgan after the show.


image of 2 ice cream cones before brightly colored backgroundsCONES is a live memoir with a uniquely strong point of view by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews, an artist who is losing his vision but passes as a fully-sighted person. In CONES, Morgan makes visible his otherwise invisible disability by performing the entire show blindfolded and taking the audience on a stunt-studded, physical and interactive vision quest.

Being blindfolded makes ordinary actions, like drawing a portrait, playing the guitar, dancing or not falling off the stage, more remarkable, demonstrating the challenges faced daily by people with invisible disabilities. There are also lessons in physics, biology, politics, pop culture, and how to be a vampire...

Artist Bio

Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews was a noisemaker, radio personality, vegan chef, and visual artist for the revolution before committing himself to theatre in 1999. He's since toured his shows around three continents and curated hundreds of events for an international network of do-it-yourself theatre-makers at venues and festivals in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Vermont and Brazil. He's worked steadily with the Bread & Puppet Theater, Great Small Works, Beth Nixon, Erik Ruin, and founded Phildelphia Theatre of the Oppressed after training at TOPLAB in New York and India's Jana Sanskriti movement.

Morgan's writing and artwork appeared in books with titles like Realizing the Impossible (AK Press, 2007) and Celebrate People's History (Feminist Press, 2009) before he earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College for which Cones was his practicum project. Morgan lives in West Philly where he leads anti-oppression workshops, teaches yoga, and and plays percussion in a radical marching band.


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The Mini Course Lecture Series is presented by the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University and funded in part by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

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